Dear colleagues, wу are glad to greet you.

We are a manufacturer of premium class wedding dresses Etienne Leroy. We are looking for regional dealers .
On this website you can get acquainted with the catalogues of our premium class wedding dresses. They possess the ideal quality of fabrication, wonderful fabrics, handmade embroidery with expensive materials, luxurious styles, superb corsets.

Looking through our catalogues you will make sure that we don’t save on luxury , we pay attention to every little thing and try to satisfy the most critical and capricious brides.
A recipe for our success is trustworthiness and timeliness of order execution. Every dress is a masterpiece which is worthy of the most brilliant brides.

Also we offer our clients low-end variants of some dresses (economical line) which can be made cheaper by means of reducing embroidery and fabrics consumption, what is important – the quality of fabrication stays the same. For example the same sample can be made with the use of different fabrics and accessories that will reduce the cost. For instance you like the model and silhouette of premium collection dress which is expensive because of beaded needlepoint and in our economical line you can order the same dress without beaded needlepoint, with smaller amount of adornment or without a train. That s how you can choose the cost of your dress! At that we admit that the quality stays luxurious!

We work with the salons of different cities and countries that gives us an opportunity to study the demand and create collections where all dealers can choose models popular for the concrete region. Working with us you get not only the proved supplier but also the constant support in business dealing.

We thank you for your attention and hope for winning relationships.